Why Monitor My Mortgage is the Most Exciting New App for Homeowners

By April 28, 2017Uncategorized

The First of its Kind 

There are many mortgage related smartphone apps available to help potential homeowners find mortgage rates that suit their budget, from the highly sophisticated to the basic and buggy. While potential homeowners will certainly profit from these sorts of apps, there are no easy tools available that keep an eye out for in-term mortgages. Until now, that is.

Finally, there is a free app available that looks out for homeowners with an existing mortgage. It’s called Monitor My Mortgage (M3), a first-of-its-kind technology platform that empowers users by providing them with the best options available for their in-term mortgage any time they want.

What is Monitor My Mortgage? 

Monitor My Mortgage is a digital platform developed by 3Foundations Technology that continuously monitors each user’s mortgage while searching for more viable options. No, M3 is not a mortgage calculator. It is a free mobile, tablet and web app that aggregates rates, fees and other information in real-time, and constantly searches for better potential deals, giving mortgage holders transparency and governance like never before.

It is the only platform that provides seamless proactive scenario planning, tailored to your specific situation.

How Does M3 Work? 

Using data that’s public and available yet difficult to come by, M3 continuously searches for the best terms, rates and options even before your renewal, and includes the cost of potential penalties, giving you the power to oversee your biggest investment in real time. Unlike banks, M3 provides transparent and accessible information for users to determine the most sensible course of action.

M3 empowers users to be fully informed about their mortgage and renewal process and to find the best option possible, while directing them to a mortgage broker when they’re interested in pursuing a different opportunity. It also keeps users informed on industry and news updates, such as the Bank of Canada rate announcements, Prime Rate announcements and other important information and events that affect the mortgage market.

If you’re ready for your mortgage to work for you, click here to get started.