What Is Monitor My Mortgage?

By January 6, 2017Uncategorized

Are You Sick of Mortgage Apps That Don’t Really Help?

Whether your mortgage is up for renewal or your financial circumstances have changed since you bought your home, you’ve probably wondered if you’re doing the most for your largest

single asset and liability. Staying on top of interest rate updates and industry news and sifting through what’s really important can seem like a chore. If only there was a way to manage our mortgage, streamline important information and be notified of interest rate changes.

Guess what? That just happened.

What is Monitor My Mortgage?

Monitor My Mortgage, or M3, is a mobile app designed to assist consumers with managing their mortgage. It is not a lender or a mortgage broker, rather it monitors your mortgage every day using proactive information to identify savings opportunities prior to mortgage renewals. By using M3 to keep you informed, you’re guaranteed responsive software backed—but not controlled—by our Broker partners. The most beautiful part: it’s absolutely free.

How is M3 Different From Other Mortgage Apps?

True, there are hundreds of other mortgage apps out there, from extremely complex to all but abandoned by developers. Not all apps are created equal. What sets M3 apart from other apps is not only its easy, intuitive access to in-app features, but also the ability to review countless “what-if” scenarios based on your current mortgage. M3 doesn’t deal in hypotheticals, like many apps out there, simply because they aren’t helpful. The M3 app consolidates information, interest rate updates and industry news based on your profile and preferences.
How Does M3 Work?

Essentially, M3 acts like a mobile mortgage broker, except that it has YOUR best interests at heart. Day and night, M3 is on the lookout for savings opportunities and interest rate changes to help inform you better. Here’s how you take advantage of M3’s powerful mortgage tool:

1. Simply download the M3 app to your smartphone, iPad or Android tablet and fill out the necessary mortgage information.
2. Choose your notification criteria.
3. When M3 shares an “Opportunity” based on your mortgage criteria you can either accept and speak to a vetted licensed broker, or “Save the Opportunity” to your library for later review.
4. If you choose to discuss an “Opportunity” with a broker, they will reach out to you directly. There will never any pressure to speak to a broker. The power is in your hands.

App Highlights:

  • Ease of Access
    • Navigation is simple and intuitive and you won’t have to crawl through pages of ads. That’s right. This app is absolutely free for users.
  • Savings Opportunities
    • See different loan and interest rate scenarios based on your actual mortgage.
  • Trusted Referral Partners
    • Get instant access to vetted brokers whenever you want.
  • A philosophy of transparency
    • Unlike banks that profit from keeping their clients in the dark, M3 is designed to give you all the information you need, such as penalty calculations, rate changes and what-if scenarios.
    • M3 doesn’t benefit from hiding anything from you. The app is totally unbiased, unlike banks.
  • Centralized Information
    • Everything you need to know is under one roof, from industry news to interest rate updates.
    • Set up notification levels and get the information you want the instant it comes in.

Are You on the Lookout for a Better Interest Rate?

If you’re interested in renegotiating your mortgage rate, trust the ingenuity and 24/7 dedication of a mobile app that is designed to constantly be on the lookout for the best rate for YOU. Trust M3 with your largest single asset and liability.