10 Reasons to Monitor Your Mortgage

By January 2, 2017Uncategorized

If your mortgage is up for renewal, shopping around for the best rate and a broker you can trust can feel like a part-time job. Often we miss out on great opportunities simply because we don’t have time to be on the constant look out. Fortunately, there’s an app for that. Monitor My Mortgage, or M3, is a free mobile app that provides customers with savings opportunities tailored to their mortgage. Here are 10 reasons you should monitor your mortgage with M3.

#1: M3 Is 100% Free
Yup, that’s right. M3 is absolutely free for users. No in-app purchases are necessary, and you won’t have to constantly navigate through pages of ads. Our trusted broker partners pay us only if you renew your mortgage through M3’s channels.

#2: M3 Is Secure
Your information is safe with us. Our business is based on trust. So what’s the point of having insecure software? When you enter your mortgage information on our app, rest assured that your personal and financial details are secure and will never be sold.

#3: M3 Is Easy
With intuitive design, you can easily access savings opportunities, industry news and interest rate changes all from your dashboard. There’s no need to sift through information that doesn’t apply to your mortgage. You choose what kind of notifications you want to receive.
The M3 app was designed specifically with the end-user in mind, so you won’t be intimidated by complex industry jargon or have to fill in unnecessary details. Often banks use these tactics to confuse you and make you think you are locked into your mortgage. M3 doesn’t work like that.

#4: M3 is Quick
Like many successful apps out there, the less hoops you have to jump through, the easier and faster the service. Say goodbye to waiting around and wondering what’s happening on the other side. This app is not only designed for quality of information and enhanced for leads, but it’s also built for speed.

#5: M3 Never Stops Monitoring Your Mortgage
Simply download the app and complete your profile in just 5 minutes. All you need to do is fill out your current mortgage details and it does the rest. Don’t be afraid of missing out on a savings opportunity ever again. Set up notifications levels and be notified the instant something happens.

#6: M3’s “What if?” Scenarios Are Specific to Your Mortgage
Pro-actively review information that will identify saving scenarios based on your rates. This means you can jump on an opportunity and take advantage of the best rates before renewing. Other mortgage apps simply provide a platform to compare mortgage rates or drive your own scenarios, which—let’s face it—isn’t very helpful.

#7: M3 Puts the Autonomy Back in Your Hands
Take control of your future with M3. Easily access the information you need to make wise decisions at any time of day. Don’t rely on a single broker or bank to find the best rates for you. Have everything you need right at your fingertips, wherever you are.

#8: M3 Helps You Keep Everything in One Place
Upload important documents and store them all in one place. Keep track of expenses, such as renovations and home repairs. By storing everything under one roof, you’d be amazed by how easy it is to track and consolidate your spending.

#9: M3’s Trusted Brokers Provide Focused Support
M3’s technology gives you all the tools you need to renew your mortgage with optimal rates. The app’s technology is built to provide the user with information that traditional banks usually withhold in order to take advantage of you. When it comes to finding solutions based on the app’s findings, M3 only has three broker partners it trusts. Our smaller list of trusted brokers ensures focused support.

#10: M3 Removes the Veil of Secrecy
The key to a bank’s success is shrouding the mortgage process in a veil of secrecy. By withholding important information and implying that you’re trapped with them, banks can continue making money off of you, even if there are better solutions out there. The M3’s solution to so much mystery is to provide the user with EVERYTHING they need, such as visibility to penalties.

Are You Ready For the Next Phase of Your Mortgage?

Help bring mortgage lending and renewal into the 21st century by downloading the M3 app that never stops looking out for you and your interests.