Frequently Asked Questions

Everything you need to know about Monitor My Mortgage.

A. You can use Facebook, Google or your email

A. on your browser or open the M3 app on your mobile

A. Your email address or mobile number is used to access your account

A. Yes, you can change your email in your profile settings once logged in

A. Simply click on the “Forgot Password” button. Follow the steps for security questions

A. Your pesonal Mortgage information is securely located on Canadian servers with our professional hosting partner CogecoPeer 1

A. Click on the add new or existing mortgage, follow the three steps, be sure to have your documents handy for all details. This process should take no more than a few minutes

A. Notifications are used to identify the parameters that will trigger the Monitor My Mortgage system to send you “Opportunities”. These will include Bank of Canada rate changes, Prime Rate changes, Savings or Lender rate changes.

A. Simply log into your account, click on the mortgage for which the opportunity exists and review the details. Next click on “Connect to Broker”

Within 24 hours the Broker will contact you to discuss the opportunity and assist in securing that mortgage or discussing alternative(s) if desired.

A. No, Monitor My Mortgage does not share your information with third parties. When you do select “Connect to Broker” we do share the information of your current mortgage and the new “Opportunity” so that they can share in a knowledgable, expedited discussion when the Broker contacts you.

A. No, we have choosen not to place push advertising on this App.

A. No, our goal is to help you Monitor your Mortgage and if have another preferred Lender or Broker to use, that is 100% your choice. The goal of our M3 App is to give you the tools that YOU need to have better visibility and choices to fill the “information void” that the banks and current mortgage brokers aren’t providing.

Our vetted Broker partners can provide informed solutions quickly and accurately based on the M3 App to help you Monitor your Mortgage based on your unique situtation.